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About Bret Lord Woodworking

Bret Lord Woodworking is located in the tiny village of South Acworth.  Our shop is surrounded by open fields and the wooded hills of Acworth, giving our team a tranquil work environment that is both peaceful and inspirational. Our craftsmen take great pride in the precise workmanship of each custom timber frame that we create.

We try to use local woods and materials whenever possible. All frames are hand cut with fine precision and attention to detail by dedicated artisans, with interlocking mortise and tenon joints. Locally made oak pegs are used to secure all joints.

We do not produce package homes, so each of our timber frames or conventional homes are custom designed and finished to be unique and one of a kind. To us, every house we build is an expression of the commitment and passion we have for our trade. Our houses are located throughout New York and New England.


About Bret Lord  

Bret Lord has been in the building industry for over 30 years, starting with such notable timber framers as Benson Woodworking and the Davis Frame Company. His experience in conventional building is just as extensive, giving him the ability to utilize a variety of construction methods to meet the needs of his clients. He has built many conventional and timber frame homes all over the United States, but mostly in the Northeastern region. Over the years, he has also become known for his beautiful custom stairs, woodturnings, built-ins and custom furniture. This allows him to add beautifully detailed finish work to all of his homes.  Bret lives in South Acworth with his wife, Mary and three children.

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